We recommend all girls participate in the competitions. They promote self-esteem, confidence and camaraderie as well as being extremely enjoyable!



These are friendly competitions, usually held in July or August each year. The host club invites approximately six other clubs to compete and all competitors receive a medal. They are family-friendly and give the girls a chance to perform their routines in a competition environment before the official BJP competitions take place. Our club chooses one local and one away Interclub competition each year. The away competition is a great way to enjoy a family weekend and is a true reflection of the club spirit.


Zone Competitions

Our club is part of the Northern Zone and competitions are usually held at the end of August or early September. Girls in each age group compete against other clubs in the zone. Around twelve to eighteen girls are chosen for the final and five places are awarded. The place getters then compete in the National Finals held at the State Sports Centre in Homebush at a later date. Girls who make the final at Zone but do not get a place, qualify for Repechage—a second chance to make it to the National Finals. Finalists from all zones compete against each other at Repechage with the hope of gaining a place and a spot in the National Finals.

Team Competitions

At the teacher’s discretion, girls in each age group from 5 years to Ladies are put into teams of eight. These teams practice the syllabus together with particular importance on timing and formations. BJP team competitions are usually held in October or November each year at the Sydney Olympic Sports Centre in Homebush. Girls who are part of a team are expected to attend twice-weekly classes from term 2 until competition time.


Club Competitions

To finish off the year, we have our own club competition where girls compete with other members of the club in their age group. It is a fun day for the whole family with a BBQ lunch and raffles and lucky door prizes drawn throughout the day. Following the club competition are the teacher’s awards and march-past where all girls proudly display their medals.

FAQ’s – Frequently Asked Questions 

What do I wear for competitions?

All girls and ladies must wear a BJP leotard or BJP Performance Wear in competitions. These are available from Danz Design in Gladesville from late March for approximately four weeks. Leotards can be purchased off the rack or you can place an order for a custom leotard that will arrive in late July in time for competitions. Team leotards are supplied by the club and must be returned at the end of the team competition day. 


Do I have to wear make-up for a competition?

Only foundation, blush and lipstick is required for team and individual competitions for girls ages 5 to 14 years. No eyeshadow, eyeliner or face glitter is allowed and no tanning. 13 to 14 years may wear a minimal amount of eyeliner and mascara. From 15 years, full make-up is usually worn.


How do I wear my hair?

Girls (5-14 years) may only wear their hair in simple styles. No teasing of any part of the hair or pinned curls are permitted. Long hair may be worn in a ponytail, plaits, bunches, half up/half down or loose. Ballet buns may be worn low at the nape of the neck. No false hairpieces are allowed.


Can I wear jewellery?

For girls ages, 5 to 14 years, no jewellery, including watches, bracelets, rings or earrings is to be worn. Ladies are permitted to wear wedding and engagement rings and small stud earrings.


More information on Competitions can be found on the BJP website.

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