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The Peninsula Physie has been teaching physie to girls and ladies of all ages for 24 years. Established in 1997, we pride ourselves on being a successful, family orientated, community-based dance school. Come and visit us at Warriewood or Mona Vale on Sydney's beautiful Northern Beaches.

Physie is a fusion of dance styles including contemporary, jazz, hip hop, pilates, yoga, and ballet. Our focus is on core strength, flexibility, and coordination. New routines are choreographed yearly to suit each individual age group.


We offer classes for girls from preschool age (3-4 years) to over 60s, whether you are a beginner or experienced!


Throughout the year we have Concerts, Royal Easter Show performances, Competitions, Day Camps, Workshops, Physiathon and BBQ fundraisers. What a great way to socialise and make new friends!


Our club is highly successful not only in terms of results but more importantly, encouraging and empowering girls to reach their own personal goals. Physie teaches confidence through performance while improving fitness to look fabulous! 


We are affiliated with Bjelke-Petersen School of Physical Culture, known as BJP Physie.  http://physicalculture.com.au/ who have been keeping Australians fit and healthy for 128 years.


Come and join Physie - it's highly addictive!

We'd love you to be part of our Peninsula Physie family. We accept new members at any time so contact us today for more information


Julie Pond

Julie is a passionate and committed dance professional and has been teaching for nearly 30

 years and competed in Physie for over 40 years. Prior to establishing The Peninsula Physie Club in 1997, Julie taught at three previous Sydney Physie clubs.

 Peninsula Physie is the third club that Julie has successfully opened and managed.

Julie started Physie at the age of six and knew then that it would always be a special part of her life! She has competed in many Champion Girl and team competitions gaining many places as well as National achievements.

Julie now concentrates on teaching and managing PPC, passing on her love for Physie and all the associated lifetime benefits to her students.

Charlotte Pond & Lucinda Pond

Charlotte and Lucinda are dedicated, passionate, skilled teachers, who have taught for the past 6 years at Peninsula Physie.

Charlotte and Lucinda uphold a very successful physie career, gaining 10 National places between them and have competed at the Sydney Opera House National Finals for the past 5 years. They have also represented Peninsula club in many winning and placing Championship teams! 

They are both gifted teaches who are passionately committed to inspiring our younger generation of dancers to achieve their full potential with confidence. 

Charlotte and Lucinda teach the 5-8 years and assist in teaching the 9-16 years advanced skills. They are both currently studying a Batchelor of Dance Education.

Samantha Kinnaird

Samantha started her teaching journey in 2020 at the tender age of 10 teaching Tiny Tots!
Her gentle warm nature with our precious little dancers gains much respect,  friendship and admiration.

Sam started physie with us at the age 4 and has won 3 National Age Champion titles, not to mention being selected as a national video performer. She has 2 younger sisters and often spends much time teaching them new skills!

Samantha is very passionate about her physie and always attends classes with great enthusiasm and confidence. She is certainly a wonderful example of a humble PPC member and a gracious helper!

Tahlia Raper

Tahlia is a passionate teacher who loves seeing the enjoyment and excitement of her student's faces after a class or competition.

Tahlia has completed 13 years of physie and was selected as a PPC junior helper in 2018.

In 2019 Tahlia was accredited at the BJP Young Teachers Training Camp.


Tahlia teaches the Tiny Tots and assists with the 5-8 years classes.


PPC Tiny Tots Teachers

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